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Cultivate the Unusual on World Cucumber Day with Hendrick's Gin
World Cucumber Day Experiment


A collective endeavor, culminating in a global gin & tonic.

Scientists have discovered plants are intelligent and responsive. Which means we can finally have a deep and meaningful relationship with our most prominent infusion and preferred garnish —THE CUCUMBER. By reading it poetry, playing it music, tickling its seedlings and so forth, we hope to affect the cucumber’s growth, happiness and (eventually) its flavour.

Growing a cucumber on World Cucumber Day

Growing a new friend

As you shall soon discover, there is no adventure quite like raising and relating to your own cucumber. To support you in this grand endeavor, we offer the following tips.

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Adopting a cucumber on World Cucumber Day

Adopt your cucumber

For those who prefer to forgo the hustle and bustle of growing a seedling in the dirt, we offer the option of nurturing a sophisticated virtual cucumber.

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In observance of World Cucumber Day, we are asking our friends around the planet to join us in this lovely experiment by growing or adopting a cucumber. Once your seedling begins to grow, initiate a relationship. Share your feelings, expose it to literature, express your truest self and so forth.

THEN ON JUNE 14th, World Cucumber Day, it will be time to bid farewell to your friend by sharing in our harvest-and-garnish ceremony. To assure scientific objectivity, we ask that everyone taste their results by way of a Hendrick’s & Tonic garnished with cucumber.

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